Fun, creative copywriting written by a Virtual Copywriting Monstar

And unlike fairy tales, this Monstar isn’t scary

I promise I’ll be kind, not mean and scary. I’m a trained copywriting Monstar who can drag ideas out of your head, in a non-gruesome way. For the past 7 years, I’ve perfected the art of copywriting, learning from the best.

My copywriting is fun, easy and stops you writing stinky brain farts instead of amazing copy.

If you’ve got a wicked sense of humour, you’re my ideal client. My natural copywriting style suits a more conversational, humorous tone.

My specialty lies with SEO copywriting and blog copywriting. It’s witty, it’s catchy, and it’s affordable (you won’t have to live on baked beans).

Sometimes, I peel off my copywriting Monstar face to become a Virtual Assistant Monstar. I have absolute super star clients and I’m no longer accepting new clients. Sorry! But I’ll help you find a VA if you need.

My Monstar Mission: To rid the world of crap copywriting, one website/blog at a time!


Wickedly crafted words to sell your services

Website Copywriting
Witty copy that makes people read on

Blog Copywriting
Engagingly fun content that begs to be shared 

Virtual Assistant Services

With a huge network, you’re totally covered

I’ve trained with the best copywriters and virtual assistants in the industry.

I don’t do half-arsed efforts. I strive for perfection in my copywriting/VA business. And I’m serious about helping you find the voice of your business.

The talented Bernadette Schwerdt taught me the art of copywriting and is still my mentor.

Curious about LinkedIn, I completed the LinkedIn for VAs Program. I highly recommend the LinkedIn Demystifier, Jo Saunders.

I owe my enhanced SEO skills to the brilliant Kate Toon’s Recipe for Success eCourse.

And finally, the amazing Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours who has been my business mentor since I was a newbie.


Fix your copywriting brain farts right now…

There’s nothing worse than brain farts where those words blurt out the wrong way.

If you’ve finally woken up to the fact that copywriting isn’t your one true business love, let’s chat.

Let’s get your words out into the online universe and make them shareable.

If you’re looking for an awesome Virtual Assistant, let me know and we’ll find your perfect VA.


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Monique saw my vision

I was referred to Monique by another VA and I’m so glad I followed the recommendation! Monique saw my vision and understood the feel I wanted my copy to have. I can’t wait to partner with her again soon.

Superhero Sidekick, Girl Friday VA Solutions



Maybe I’m strange, but I don’t do goals…

One of the words I’m beginning to hate in business is ‘goals’. Everyone is always on about goals. You’ve got to have set your goals, you have to meet your goals, you have to exceed your goals. Goals, goals, goals… And there’s not just yearly goals, but now people...

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